amalfi coast wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

villa cimbrone wedding photographer


So, chances are you were searching for a wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast, and ended up here. I made this page especially for people like you, so welcome.

“My name is Antonio Patta and I’m an amalfi coast wedding photographer.
My purpose is to document your wedding and giving you back lifetime memories of the day”

I did lots of wedding in Amalfi Coast during  the last years, I really love that places and I can easly imagine why you start thinking about your wedding in Amalfi.

Feel free to send me an email for a quote using my direct email address or using the form at the bottom of the page.

I also want to thank you you for the interest in my work, in my website you can find lot of weddings I did in Amalfi Coast and all over Europe.

I am a destination wedding photographer.

I’m glad you interested in my work
Attached to this email you’re going to find a detailed quote of the wedding
Let me tell you somthing about my idea of wedding photography.
In the first page of my brochure and in front page on my website you’re going to read

My purpose is to document real stories, I want to give you back great memories of your wedding.

I think a wedding is an intense moment of love, joy and emotions.
There’s a story out there, the story of you as a couple and a great day with friends and families.
Everything has started with an emotion and everything will continue with emotions.
That’s what I’m looking for in my pictures.
I want to give you back great images of the day, great memories.
Images that will remember you how happy you have been that day.
Emotions will make my images greater and lifetime.
(sorry I’ve read this email twice and I noticed that I mentioned to many times the word “emotions”)
If you take a look at my pictures none of them are showing people looking at the camera. None.
Because I think part of my work is to understand what is going to happen and be there to take the right picture. That will be the picture you like most. I’ll be around the scene all the time.
I promise not to bother you during the day!

for example I post an article on my blog describing how I’ve taken an image:

As you can see in the wedding of Marina and Tom (from England) I did last june in Sicily:
Or the wedding of Alexandra and Alexander (from Germany) celebrated in a vineyard
Or Barbara and Ronny (from Netherlands, they also had a great party)
That’s my idea, I want to give you back great memories of your wedding, that will still remain beautiful and important for you lifetime.
The guys at JUNEBUG WEDDINGS write this review about my work and me, and I think they did a good job:

“If you were to ask Antonio, he would not attempt to define his photography style in any special words or terms; he simply believes in his special approach to capturing weddings. This humble familyman enjoys the challenge of transforming a love story into individual images, as well as being an incredible support system to his bride and groom. Antonio offers the perfect balance of documentary and editorial imagery, revealing the important narrative to every wedding while also infusing his creativity and artistry. He has the talent to absorb the couple’s vision and the atmosphere around him, therefore reflecting it into his photographs. Romantic, crisp, high-quality images are his promise and specialty. “


before continue to read you can send me an email with some words about your wedding

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Now I want to tell you something very special about the Amalfi Coast

praiano wedding photographer

Amazing place told mostly commonplace, the Amalfi Coast brings very serious embarrassment anyone who wants to describe it in an original way, without falling into the “already said” or “already written.”
And then, you can not dribble the more mundane introduction, which is mandatory pin on the extraordinary beauty of the places.

amalfi coast wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

ravello wedding photographer

Here few link at the tourism office in Amalfi

Headlands, fjords, coves, caves, breathtaking views: the approach to the Divine can be exclusively aesthetic, of absolute enjoyment. And yet, faced with this “land beyond the sea, where the waves meet mountains hill” (Longfellow), one of the first temptations that attacks the visitor is that mystic asceticism.
If there is one place in the world where it is easy to trace the creation of a single Intelligence and Creativity, this place is the Amalfi Coast.


sorrento wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

scala wedding photographer

In fact, this tiny strip of the Salerno area is the sum of many specific characteristics that coexist harmoniously with each other, in an almost supernatural symbiosis that blends landscape suggestions and testimonies of art, history, culture and civilization.
We are facing the triumph of biodiversity, in the broadest sense of the term: every square meter is kissed by typicality. That applies just as much for its characteristic lemon, “sfusato” Amalfi, as the traditional craft products, primarily the artistic ceramics of Vietri sul Mare.
The absolute echoes that emanate from all these “unique” represent the real mystery, centuries unsuccessfully investigated, the Amalfi Coast. Certainly not enough the sun, the sea and the beautiful landscapes to fully represent the soul of the land.

ravello wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

palazzo avino wedding photographer

Perhaps the arche, the principle of all things, should be tracked in the “genius loci”: Amalfi, Positano, Praiano, Minori, Maiori, without forgetting the other small towns, they would never be able to trigger many suggestions if, in the course of centuries, the hand of man had not been so inspired respectfully in shaping the territory according to universal aesthetic, and universally recognized and shared. Can not be explained otherwise, moreover, the beautiful pages that different artistic sensitivity, and different cultures, they dedicated to the Amalfi Coast: Ibsen in Steinbeck, from Boccaccio to Fubini, to Gregorovius.

villa cimbrone wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

villa cimbrone wedding photographer

Wanting to pay duty at a common place, it can be said that the Coast is a “spiritual harbor”, meaning a place where the world tensions dissolve, vanish, and the man is just in front of the mystery of its nature, enhanced by such splendor.

amalfi coast wedding photographer

Thirty-seven kilometers of coast, south to north, from the gates of Salerno to the Sorrento peninsula: top along the ribbon of asphalt, or down sliding over the water at the foot of those rock giants, behind every corner lurks a new wonder, everything here is a world heritage site

villa rufolo wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

palazzo avino wedding photographer

The Amalfi Coast is a natural paradise, there are no other words to define this enchanted place, in fact is one of the 50 Italian sites that UNESCO has declared “World Heritage” in 1997. The shape of the Coast – Amalfi Coast for foreigners – it makes it look like a balcony suspended in half the cobalt blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the blue sky that many painters have tried to play over the years.

Looking at it from above

costiara amalfitana wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

costiera amalfitana wedding photographer

High in the sky in an unforgettable pure blue, appear chalky and inaccessible. On a wild beauty, breathtaking, that no one could ever scratch. And if the expression “earthly paradise” means anything, this is the place that gives full meaning and understandable to all. «Here is the garden that we are endlessly and fruitlessly seeking since the perfect places of our childhood,” described the Amalfi Coast, with totally ensnared soul by the splendor of the place, the poet Salvatore Quasimodo.

villa cimbrone wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

hotel caruso wedding photographer

A veritable Eden, where – as legend has it – mother nature concentrated and enhanced the four primordial elements of life, exciting strong emotions and enchantment, with generous hand. So, in this magical space of just 42 km, the earth gave form of rock fallen into the sea, degrading or overhanging, with its deep fjords, mountains, cliffs and headlands, beaches with white pebbles. The water that slips into every nook and cranny, and gave it transparent green and blue reflections, coves and shorelines where for thousands of years the sailors and travelers who crossed that crystal sea found haven and enjoyment.

villa cimbrone wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

villa cimbrone wedding photographer

The clear air and serenity of viewpoints, eroded by the wind, look over this panorama, a slice of infinity, is charged with intense scents and perfumes: from the salt air, sea caresses the skin, the natural fragrance of the many gardens packed with flowers and plants . And finally, the vital fire of a constantly warm and inviting sun was fragmented into millions of little flames, which became fine broom; or, even more, precious fruits sprayed into the thick vegetation in the dark hearts of the thousands of citrus orchards, that color of green, yellow and red the sloping terraces torn the mountains to cultivate such jewels.

villa treville wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

villa magia wedding photographer

“Do you know the land where the lemon flower?” Sang the poet. And this fruit, a sign of eternal youth, of life that flowers in a constant becoming, is always the most effective symbol of this coastal wonderland. Tree of life, plant ( “Lemon. Moment of my dream,” sang the poet. “Limoneto. Nest of yellow seeds. Breasts sucking where the sea breezes …”)

villa rufolo wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

villa rufolo wedding photographer


The beautiful gardens and elegant rooms of the Villa are an ideal setting for the successful development of your “dream of love” in the name of uniqueness and refinement. Our team of experts will advise the individual solution for your “best day” seeing to the care of every detail, from the choice of the setting and floral decorations to the music and entertainment of the guests.

At Villa Cimbrone we are organized Protestant ritual ceremonies, Waldensian ones with legal validity, Jewish and other religions, as well as symbolic ceremonies with the exception of the Catholic and civil.

Particular attention is dedicated to the cuisine with delicious typical dishes of the Campania tradition, using fresh foodstuffs from the organic crop gardens of the Villa. The fragrant wines are expertly paired by our sommelier drawing from a rich cellar.


Palazzo Avino

Palazzo Avino is a beautiful hotel situated in Ravello, in the scenic Amalfi Coast. The hotel, in the property’s historic Palazzo Sasso, is a former noble residence of the XII century, skilfully adapted to the hotel after an integral refurbishment work crowned with the reopening in 1997. Forty rooms, of which eleven suites, all furnished with fine furnishings and enriched with period furniture. The location of the Palace, 350 meters above sea level, offering a perfect natural setting of the place, a unique view on the mountains reliefs cloaked in green and an unparalleled view of the Gulf.
The hotel has:
Heated outdoor pool
Rossellinis, Restaurant 1 Michelin Star
Caffe dell’Arte
Belvedere Terrace
SPA / Wellness Center
Solarium with outdoor hot tubs
conference room (maximum capacity 70 people)
Room Service 24h
24 hours Room Service
Limousine and Helicopter service on request
Beach cottage “Club House by the Sea” with access to the sea, 15 minutes from Ravello

Special Events

Palazzo Avino is the ideal location for special and exclusive events. It is in fact possible, organize celebrations and events in our rooms and gardens. The maximum capacity is 70 people.


Villa Rufolo, the beloved jewel of Ravello
The sun and nature, tradition and prestige, the Amalfi and Ravello, architectural and artistic wonders that frame Villa Rufolo as an imaginary place out of time.
A favorite of musicians, artists and poets, praised in the verses of Bocaccio, and in whose gardens Richard Wagner saw the materialization of his works and of his imagination: a unique experience to live where discover a world outside of the conventions.

Ravello beloved jewel, rebellious heart of the now decayed Republic of Amalfi, embodies veduta_villa centuries of history, magnificent works and legend. The structure of the villa is unique from the point of view of architecture and decoration, which has never failed to arouse the surprise and amazement of those travelers who for different reasons have traveled here over the centuries.

Its uniqueness is an indicator of the crossroads of dense commercial and cultural exchanges that took place over time; characteristics which have earned him the appointment of “a small Alhambra” (Gregorovius).



Villa Treville is a unique, boutique hideaway set within a spectacular, cliffside estate overlooking the clear blue waters of Positano, one of the jewels of Italy’s fabled Amalfi Coast.

This private Eden is comprised of five mesmerizing villas of meticulous detail directly facing Positano, surrounded by lush gardens and secluded terraces nestled among vine-laden pergolas, bougainvillea, pine trees and ancient tropical plants.

The property cascades down a rocky promontory where hidden elevator shafts and stone-cut steps lead down to a private seaside sundeck and jetty for the motor launch provided exclusively for guests.


Private balconies, terraces, gardens and plunge pools adorn the various suites and a myriad of reclusive spots along our garden pathways provide the perfect setting to enjoy the refreshing sea air and our spectacular natural environment.

The philosophy of Villa Treville is to retain the ambience of a residence and we encourage our guests to make the most of all our services and to always feel completely at home.



Select the Amalfi Coast for the wedding or the honeymoon of your dreams, and you will live an unforgettable experience.

Getting married on the Amalfi Coast
sunny terraces, frescoed ceilings, secluded gardens, a truly breathtaking location … This 11th century palace in the heart of the Amalfi Coast is the perfect place for an unforgettable wedding.

Celebrate your wedding in the splendid Duomo di Ravello, which dates back to 900 years ago. Entertain your guests in the beautiful hotel gardens, rich colors and scents. Or treat them like kings and queens with the hotel’s exclusive use, included in our offer.

Our dedicated staff will think to meet your every request.


Romantic stays Italy, Honeymoon in Amalfi Coast
scenic streets date back to the mountains where you can enjoy breathtaking views. The picturesque towns of Amalfi are made from beautiful colored houses overlooking a blue endless horizon. The Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in the country.

The town of Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano, famous worldwide for their beauty, are within easy reach. Or, you can spend a day in the ruins of Pompeii or the trendy streets of Capri.

If you prefer to relax, spend the day relaxing at the pool or take a boat trip along the coast.

The other wonderful properties of Belmond Italian collection are ideal destinations for a honeymoon in the most romantic country in the world.




Getting married in Positano:
an unforgettable day in an unforgettable scene.
A villa overlooking the sea for your dream wedding

The best day of your life deserves a scenario of the most beautiful in the world. For this perhaps already you are thinking about a wedding on the Amalfi Coast. The villages perched on the rock, colorful houses, terraces that open onto the sea: the Amalfi Coast every corner seems the perfect backdrop for photos of your wedding!

And then there is the sweetness of the Mediterranean climate, many sunny days, the flavors of the local cuisine …

A perfect blend of beauty and romance that makes the Amalfi Coast, and in particular of Positano, a favorite among lovers around the world.
Wedding Villa Oliviero Villa Oliviero Positano Positano ItaliaMatrimonio ItaliaMatrimonio Villa Oliviero Positano ItaliaMatrimonio Villa Oliviero Positano Italy
But to really make it perfect on the day of the “yes” also serves perfect and flawless organization. Warranty Villa Olivero, a villa in Positano overlooking the sea. Villa Oliviero offers the opportunity to organize a civil ceremony in a villa directly by customizing it according to his wishes. Staff will help with the preparation of necessary documents for marriage.

In addition to civil ceremonies can be organized religious or symbolic weddings. If it is a Catholic marriage can be celebrated in one of the beautiful local churches within walking distance from the sea. And after all to celebrate on the terraces overlooking the sea of ​​Villa Oliviero, enjoying the excellent food prepared by our chefs and relaxing in front of the enchanting panorama.


History, art and culture

Sorrento, how many definitions have been ascribed to this locality, one of the most famous destinations of international tourism.

Sorrento home of the poet Torquato Tasso, who was born here in 1544; kind Sorrento; Sorrento: land of colors; Sorrento: land of the Sirens, Sorrento city of citrus gardens, etc.

amalfi wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

In each of these definitions contains the truth because there is, in fact, Sorrento is a pretty little city where kindness and hospitality are a combination that is handed down from generation to generation. Sorrento, not to be rhetorical, is indeed the land of colors: brilliant or delicate hues depending on the change of the seasons. Just stop and look what can be striking a sunset losing his gaze in the direction of Punta del Capo, Ischia and Procida, of which you can follow clearly the profile to remain amazed by the variety of colors and the beauty of the area.

villa cimbrone wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

villa treville wedding photographer

Or look, preferably from the sea, the majestic ridge of tuff rock that changes color at every hour of the day. And then why not let your mind go back in time as well, with a bit of imagination, you can see the nimble Greek ships ride the waves and Ulysses bound tightly to the mast to listen safely to the dangerous song of the Sirens … or follow the wake of the Roman ships laden with merchandise and busy sailors, or look around the wonderful palaces that the Roman emperors built on our coasts, among the most beautiful in the world. 0 again ships black as ink, fully armed, laden with ferocious Turks, like those in search of wealth and bounty, sacked Sorrento in 1558.

amalfi destination wedding

amalfi coast wedding photographer

amalfi coast wedding photographer

How many legends are told about these invasions, legends, almost always related to the great devotion that Sorrento have for their patron Saint Antonino and their well-grounded faith. Just go into the crypt of the Basilica, in fact dedicated to St. Anthony, to remain deeply affected by the amount of votive offerings offered to the patron saint, and read back stories, more or less sad, of a simple and industrious population affected, over time, from different cultures. Many civilizations have passed through here: the Etruscans, the Greeks (who gave the city the urban plan still clearly visible today in the historical center), the Oscans, the Romans. Later the subjugation to Byzantium, the sack by the Longobards, the conquest of the Normans, the good influence of the Aragonese.

amalfi coast wedding photographer



The Sorrento Musical is a true reconstruction of workday events and festive occasions in the Sorrentine Peninsula of yore. In it retaining the original significance of the Tarantella we have tried to regain genuine vitality of the precious heritage of the family tradition that is expressed in the movements and in the spirit of the dance.
The show, lasting 75 minutes, tells the daily life of southern people in four different scenes.

In the first scene starring the sea. The view is that of the Great Bay Marina in Punta Scutolo: on this stretch of water fishermen are preparing for making daily fishing with songs and dances pleasant their hard work.
Just after is represented the market, with the background of chatter and gossip, they intertwine courtships and quarrels of newborn romance and jealousy to the rhythm and the steps of the Tarantella.

Dusk and silhouetted with Vesuvius on the horizon make entry into the third stage that can not sing anything but love.
The places that have inspired and enchanted all cultured travelers on the Grand Tour (from Goethe to Wagner) give off their charm unchanged through songs written in these places.

The last of the musical scene reconstructs the festival atmosphere. The square is illuminated per day, while in the sky draw the trails of the fireworks, everyone let grasp the rhythm of dancing and singing their joy of life ready to face the next day, another day of love and of work.

Tel +39 081-8075525
Fax +39 0815324847


The Ravello Foundation opens the 2016 season with a new governance and a new artistic direction. The relaunch of the Foundation is the confirmation of how our extraordinary cultural system is returned to the center of national interests and the sector is receiving a positive impetus by our government. The intent to renew does not mean changing the style nor lose the prestige accumulated in the past. In essence, the desire is to keep the best of what has been done previously while adding something new that meets the needs can not be postponed is of our time is the specific area in which the Foundation’s work takes place.

All this will be seen fully as the days pass. However, we also believe that as of now the seeds of renewal desired are visible and appreciable.
The first decision we made was to give a strong central to the Foundation. From now on, following this program line, all the Foundation’s activities will be unified and concentrated. There will be, in short, an independent festival, management of villas and entertainment places independently from each other. But everything will be managed by the Foundation and its institutions, starting with the Board of Address which is responsible cultural guidelines, to go to the Board that I have the honor to chair and the Secretary General to coordinate the actions proposed by the Board in harmony with the Council to address as part of a functional organization.

amalfi coast wedding photographer

Within this general framework is clear, however, that the Festival will be the climax of the season, presenting the set of the most representative musical and artistic events of Ravello 2016. We have in this case decided to concentrate in a few weeks our artistic peaks, with It aims to reach heights that would otherwise in a longer trend would be impossible to get. The artistic directors, Alessio Vlad (music) and Laura Valente (dance and new languages) have drawn up completely independently programs of the Festival, which you can read here, having themselves the questions that you feel appropriate.

amalfi coast wedding photographer

The rest of the cultural season – that exceeds the Festival – will instead be taken care of by the Foundation, and will have mostly an accompanying feature of the season and Technical Symposium. We are also working on an idea of ​​the Cultural Forum, which exceeds the usual themes of the Ravello Festival, and – with the collaboration of important Italian and foreign institutions – semi jets in new fields ranging from computer science to literature, through the social sciences. Equip the territory with an original think tank it seems from this point of view an important idea, an idea that also corresponds to an original way of thinking about the domain of art and culture: no longer purely elitist institutions, but open to creativity territory, as is natural for a foundation that sees one of the founders the Campania Region, the Province of Salerno and the City of Ravello.

amalfi coast wedding photographer

All of this, as is not difficult to understand, it was the result of a team effort that saw all the bodies of the Foundation, all staff and all the employees together.
The last conviction, which made possible this concentration of efforts, is based on the idea that produce and distribute music, art and culture have an ethical significance that goes beyond the show business and can give value to our experiences.
With the hope that at least in part we succeeded in our efforts, we wish everyone “Happy Ravello in 2016!”.


Built in the sixth century, around the year one thousand was populated by a group of nobles from the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, rebelled against the authority of the doge. Ravello was chosen because it is located on a well-defensible position, on top of a spur which separates the valley of the river Dragone from that of the Reginna, the southern slopes of the Lattari mountains overlooking the sea.

The town quickly prospered, notably thanks to a thriving wool filatoria once called “Celendra” (granted by King Charles II of Anjou to the bishop John Allegri 23 April 1292), to provident agriculture and to the intense trade entertained on routes of the Mediterranean, especially with Arab and Byzantine peoples. Already elevated to a bishopric in 1086, in the course of the next century is confirmed authentic power: suffice to say that already had 30,000 residents. In 1137 Bernard of Clairvaux described the city as “ancient, fortified and impregnable, as well as opulent it is so beautiful that it can easily be numbered among the first and most noble city.”

The history of Ravello was strictly connected with that of Amalfi. The economic and political decline began in the Norman period and became dramatic in the seventeenth century. Lost the economic prosperity, Ravello had only everything else, that is all that nowadays there is more: an incomparable position from the naturalistic and architectural and artistic marvels built during the centuries of splendor.

More than these are expecting you in the Amalfi Coast. If you have more questions about you destination wedding in apulia send me an email by the form below

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amalfi coast wedding photographer



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