wedding day tips – usefull suggestions for bride and groom

wedding day tips

wedding day tips

I know that getting married could be a trial for many.
The main goal is that everything will be a success, and for sure it will be!
But there are a lot of thing that you as bride and groom must keep in mind to make a wedding a great event.
I want to help you sharing with you some tips and something that I noticed in this seven years as a wedding photographer.

1) It is useless to have the hair and make up done two or three hours before the ceremony. This happens because very often make up artists and hair stylers do more than one service per day and to do so they tend to arrive four or even five hours before the ceremony, just to be ready to do another service during the day.
Be sure that the hair styler and make up artist will arrive at the right time.

2) At the reception venue it is very important that you let someone welcomes the guests for you. Very often I see the bride and the groom or their parents looking for a seat for a guest or running from one side to another trying to solve problems. It isn’t your task. Let someone else do this job for you. It is your day! Although I strongly suggest you book a wedding planner for your wedding, in other cases you can ask to the people at the reception venue for two or three waiters to help your guests and you.

3) The Party. The key of success for a wedding party is the dj (or the band) you hire.
You can be sure that your guests will remember your wedding party for years with the right music.
But it isn’t so simple, there are a lot of wannabe djs, be careful when you choose the musicians for the party.
Talk with them about the music they play and the time they will start to play.

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