Wedding day tips

For bride and groom

Sample schedule

All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

I always make a schedule of the day with my couples, it will help us to do everything we’ve planned.
This breakdown is based on the most typical day and even distribution of the coverage. No two wedding are the same, and your preference of where time is spent is totally up to you. Let’s talk about what is most important and how you want to lay out the day:
Your day, Your way


  • Groom and his guys getting ready 45 min
  • Bride: hair styling 60 min
    Make up 60 min
    Details photo 20 min
    Dress on + bridal portrait + first look 30 min
  • Ceremony 25 min
  • Family photos 20 min
    Couple portrait 25 min
  • Cocktail hour 70 min
    Dinner table and other details 10 min
  • Golden hour couples portrait 15 min
  • Dinner and speeches 150 min
  • Dancing and party 90 min

Getting Ready


Be ready for the ceremony usually takes 2 hours, depending on how many of you there will be, but 2 hours are a fairly accurate estimate.

I usually start to work 2 hours before the ceremony. Is very important to have the dress, shoes, accessories and anything you wish to be photographed already prepared, so I won’t loose to much time on that and

I’ll will be able to focus my attention on you and your relatives and friends. 

Choose a white natural like to get ready in front of.
No fluorescent light, next to a window is lovely, you’ll thank me.

When you’ll be ready we can spend 10 minutes for bridal and some family portraits.

If you’re planning a first look with your fiancè we can find a good place together to do it. I can suggest you where and when depending by the light and where the sun will be at that moment.

For example see some nice moments taken during the preparations of Coco and her 14 bridesmaids…

Outdoor ceremony


Open ceremonies are my prefered.
I’m free to move around and take different pictures of you and your guests.

Light is the most important thing in photography, when I came back to my studio and begin to edit ceremony pictures I put a lot of attention on shadow and highlights on bride and groom faces and other guests faces as well.

I want to suggest you to find a venue with open shade to prevent uneven light and squinty eyes. If no shade is available, always place the sun behind you, so you won’t be disturbed by it and you’ll appear at your best in pictures.

Also your guest won’t be disturbed by the sun.
Think about a confetti moment after the ceremony, it’s very nice and joyful and pictures look always great.

In studio I’ll work on shadows and highlights in all the selected images to give you a perfect picture. No dark faces at all!

I’ve posted something about great location and great outdoor ceremony on my blog, see Marina and Tom wedding in Commenda di San Calogero in Sicily

Bride and Groom portraits


Portraits are one of most difficult moment for most bride and groom on the wedding day.

Let’s be honest, we’re not professionals at our ease in front of a camera. Most of us feels very embarrassed and I understand why.
But I don’t want to waste this beautiful moment. 

In these years I’ve learned how to lead and accompany my couples during the shooting without being too intrusive.

In my images couples look exactly what they are, passionate, in love. They can easily recognize themselves in my pictures.
The guys on the left are common people, like everyone else, but they felt very comfortable in front of the camera.

Part of my job is making them comfortable. 
My photos show mutual love between them.

Portraits with warm, glowing light are often absolutely stunning, so leave some time around sunset to that gourgeous golden hour light.

Last year I was in Amalfi for an elopement session with Oxana and Vasily and I had the chance to take great portraits.



Cocktail hour and dinner are the moments when your guest interact each others and I think this is one of the nicest moment during the whole day.

In those moments you can see their smiling, laughing, talk each other.
Remember my purpose? I want to give you meaningful images and create the memories of the wedding.

Well, this one is one of the key moments of all day.
Il be there during the cocktail hour or the dinner ready to capture the most beautiful moments between you and your guests.

I can suggest you to ask for a nice lighting system to lit properly your reception venue.

I have been in Amalfi Coast for a 3 days wedding and these are just few images from Tiffany and Steven wedding in Ravello or the post I wrote about some of the exclusive locations I’m going to visit this year.


The Party!!!


And finally we arrived at the party!

When I get in touch with my clients they always tell me how much important are the guests for them. 
Mainly we spent more than a year to organize a day full of joy, fun and crazyness to stay well with our guests.

I’ve seen hundreds of parties and I can remember most of them.
I understood that the key for a great party is the music and who will be in charge of it.
Whether it will be a DJ or a band put a lot of attention and time choosing the most trust one.

By my side I’ll be on the dance floor for 1h / 1h30′ to capture those moments you’ve been dreaming of for more than a year.

If needed I always bring my flashes to light the reception space, especially for formal dances on the dance floor.

For example see the Rebecca and Renzo wedding in L’Agnata di De Andrè for more outdoor ceremony images.


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