wedding santorini

wedding santorini

wedding santorini

017-санторини-свадебный-фотограф017-санторини-свадебный-фотограф санторини-свадебный-фотографwedding santorini wedding santorini


my name is Antonio Patta and I’m a wedding photographer in Santorini.

I’m a photojournalistic wedding photographer but not only, I’m also a creative wedding photographer
I do this job because I like weddings and I love people and I love the human element of people being people.
I want to create a visual legacy for those who haven’t been born yet.

If you’re thinking about getting married in santorini you’re right.
Either you’re planning a big wedding or an intimate wedding this is the right place.
Its incredible beauty, the landscape,  the sun and the sea. Everything in Santonini is telling you, come and get married here.

санторини свадебный фотограф санторини свадебный фотографwedding santorini santorini Hochzeitsfotograf

These pictures want to be an invite.

When we look at wedding themed blogs we always see the beginning of a love story.
There’s a sunny day (if possible, we hope for) and we can see the tension and the emotions before the ceremony .The bride is getting ready and everything is almost ready

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We can see friends enjoying the party, the parents crying, and a lot of people happy together.
But what does remain in the end?
What does remain when the cake was eaten and the flowers have faded?

Love remains.

санторини свадебный фотограф санторини свадебный фотографsantorini wedding photographer

Santorini is one of our favourite place, I love this place and its incredible story and beauty.

Take a look at my portfolio page, or my blog, you can see a lot of wonderful love stories  a wedding reportage photography of a couple in love.

wedding santorini

With the contact form below you can send me a request for a detailed wedding photography service in santorini.

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