Photos selection and editing

See what happen when I get back to my studio.
And see how I work on selection and editing of wedding pictures.

wedding photos selection & editing

In my first post on the blog journal I want to tell you what happen when I'm working on selection and editing of my wedding pictures.

Usually I took a lot of pictures during the wedding day, but not all of this images are good. Maybe the people captured in the pictures are moving or their eyes are closed or something else that suggest me to discard the photo.

In the example shown you below you can see what happened in my mind.
I noticed the Marina and Tom staring at the clouds while they're standing on the door of the reception venue.
The weather was perfect for the most part of the day, but suddenly during the reception cocktails few raindrops have fallen down so we move inside the building.
Obviously Marina was sad, she organized a wedding in Sicily late june and she hoped for the good weather.

I saw them and I moved behind them to see what could be happen.
They haven't seen me for all the time they standed there.


You can see, I took 28 images, that's a lot of images, but I didn't know for how long this scene would be continued and I started taking pictures.
After the first pictures, they started talking an slightly moved one in front of the other. I kept shooting.
Light was perfect, exposure was perfect, framing was perfect with Marina and Tom exactly in the middle of the scene.

IMG_7373 has a perfect light on her face.
IMG_7378 shows an amazing moment
IMG_7380 has a friend of them that was passing by looking in their direction.
But there's something more I want to show you at the end of this blog post.


When I came back to my studio I start reviewing the images and I highlithed the good ones in red/yellow/green

Green means: maybe
Yellow means: good
Red means; very good

I took so many images because they were moving and I wanted a perfect pictures. I can't miss that moment.

wedding photos selection editingI don't like this one, I don't like the pose of their arms, discarded. So I continued to select


YES! Red light for this one, the light on the face of Marina was gorgeous.


BAM! This is the one I like most!

After awhile I moved forward and took the last one.

chic wedding villas italy

None of all these images were staged with them, these are all candid moments.

wedding photos selection editing is my first post about my work and something that usually happen behind the curtains.
I want to show you something about my work and something very different from what I usually show on my website or social network.



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