This is me doing what I (don't) do at my best

There was a time, at the beginning of my carrer, I thought being a wedding photographer was an hard job.

And being a very good wedding photographer was harder.

There’s something behind most of the people don’t know.
With sun or heavy rain, when I’m at work I’m away from home all day and always far from my daughter.

Many of you could think this is the hardest part of the work but there’s something even harder.

During the wedding season I pass a lot of time away from home so I try to stay with her as much as possible in my spare time.

Drawing, skating, cycling and preparing her the ballet class.
Right, this is the hardest job: have you ever tryed to do a very good cignon when your’re in late for the ballet class?

Ballerina is a painting by Soosh

yes, i love jazz

Besides spending time with my beloved daughter I love jazz music and going to jazz concert with her.

We have a lot of fun during concerts.

Anytime it's a great experience for her. It’s so relaxing and peaceful.

If you think about it, jazz is so close to photography: it may seems odd at a first listen but if you take your time it will reveal in all its beauty and poetry. Music and poetry inspire me very much.

I’m also a tech geek and I love to listen my music on spotify, I also created an open playlist with some inspiring jazz music, I called it YES I LOVE JAZZ and I think it’s a good begin to learn something of jazz music.

Yes I Love Jazz is also an hashtag on instagram.

yes I love jazz


Antonio was an exceptional photographer for our wedding in Sardinia.

He very artfully captured the subtle nuances of the event, and really had an eye for representing emotions. Antonio was extremely professional in all my dealings with him and was highly considerate and accommodating to special requests.

His photography and portfolio speaks for itself and I very much recommend him.

Carol and Henry

Wedding in Sardinia

Nicole and Andrew

Antonio photographed our wedding so beautifully!

He did a in person consultation the night before, coordinated with our videographer, and was so well prepared to capture all of our special moments.

We are so lucky to have had him for our special day!!!!!!!

wedding in Ravello

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