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Get married in Alghero

Why get married in Alghero?

This work is the result of a great collaboration between high level wedding suppliers and vendors and me, a wedding photographer in Sardinia.

I wanted to show you a wedding ceremony on the beach in Sardinia by the eyes of a wedding photographer and suggest you how to create your personal weedding day.

The sea sang the sweetest melody and the dream began …

whatever you’re planning an intimate and small wedding on a beach or a big wedding in a villa a marriage is always the celebration of love, where emotions envelop us and lead us straight to the heart.
In this wonderful island, in a little corner of paradise that is my land we accompany you between the colors of the sky and the immensity of the sea, the warmth of the sand and the capricious lines of the rocks in a perfect balance to frame your “big” day”

small wedding in alghero

We want to inspire and help you to make the perfect day you deserve.
I’m a wedding photographer and I know how much effort you’re putting to plan your wedding in Sardinia, send me a message using the contact form below.

I’ll be happy to help you to organize your perfect wedding abroad.

We work with passion for every detail to stand out, every choice is not a coincidence, every emotion is indelible.
Choosing the perfect location becomes often difficult
Alghero will be able to enchant, amaze and pamper you, discreetly to make you protagonists of your fairy tale

What can we do for you?

We want to show you up the beauties of Sardinia in summer.
If you’re planning a destination wedding in Italy, Alghero could be the perfect choice for you and your guests to live a great experience and bring back home some great memories of this journey
The project comes from an idea to show our customer what we can do for them.

Who am I and who are the other suppliers involved in this project?

I want to thank Mary, Barbara and Sarah to have believed in my idea and to work very hard even ’till late night to make things perfect for the day

We involved in this project great suppliers and friends.
A full list of them is at the end of the post.
They joined us with passion and trust in our ideas.

For example the bridal gown is an exclusive for this shooting, it was created specifically for this project.

small wedding on the beach

But not only, Salvatore from PASSEPARTOUT worked very hard all day to be sure that everything was perfect. He created some of the most beautiful flowers composition I’ve ever seen.

These are our friends and the wonderful suppliers that has made this thing possible:

Design: Mary Piras, Sarah Alfonso e Barbara Lauricella for YES Collective – Your Event Experts Sardinia /

There’s a very nice page about wedding in Sardinia, great wedding locations and wedding venues, some of the best places for your ceremony on the beach.

In that page I summarize most of the things I learned about weddings in Sardinia in 13 years I’ve been in the wedding industry.

alghero wedding inspiration | lazzaretto beach wedding

Your wedding bouquet, this incredible and beautiful flowers, the colors.

This work is for you who wants to get married in Alghero or get married in Sardinia. We can help you to find the best possible solution and inspiration.

alghero wedding ideas is a blog post created to help you to find a personal inspiration for your wedding. We want to share with you the best solution and help you to make it perfect.

You are my Today and all of my Tomorrows

alghero wedding ideas

alghero wedding ideas

alghero wedding inspiration

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