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Porto Rafael Wedding Photography

I Love destination weddings, I love them so much.

Well, I love every kind of wedding, traditional sardinian ones too, but in destination weddings I meet different people, different cultures and is always a joy to work with them, they leave me free to express myself.

Add this to a destination wedding in Porto Rafael.

I’ve been in Porto Rafael two weeks ago for the first time (for Ramona and Sergio wedding) and I immediately fell in love with this place. I think I could live there, of course.

And, last but not least, add this to a bunch of young and beautiful people.
The result is a wonderful wedding.
And, I think, wonderful is not the right word, is reductive.

An amazing ceremony in Caprera

As usual we arrived the day before the wedding, to have a meeting with Helen and Andres.
When we arrived there we found Andres on the way to the church in La Maddalena island so we went with them to have a look at the place.

During the transfer with the ferry they start to be worried about the weather forecast.
There were big black clouds on the horizon and the wind was cold for the summer season.

But on our way back to Porto Rafael clouds had disappeared and rays of light had started to warm our faces.

A private villa on the sea for the reception

The ceremony took place in Caprera island, in a very small and intimate rural church, after that we have had a light lunch in a pine forest, where kids and adults had a relax time, we came back to Porto Rafael where Helen and Andres had rented a wonderful villa by the sea (with a private beach that we used during their portrait photographs) for their guests for the dinner and one of the wildest party I’ve ever seen.

Nice stuff

I want to share with you their wedding playlist, it’s amazing.
Be sure to have your speaker at maximum volume to play it on Spotify or click on play in the player below.

Resources for clients

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Porto Rafael Wedding Photographer

Porto Rafael Wedding Photography

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