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A beautiful and intimate wedding in the Sardinia Countryside.
This is exactly what I thoutgh about a country wedding in Italy.

sardinia intimate wedding

Alexandra and Alex had always dreamt of a destination wedding in Italy. They wanted an intimate ceremony that would bring together their closest friends and family members, and after searching for the perfect location, they finally found it in the heart of the Sardinia countryside: the Tenute Piero Mancini.

The Tenute Piero Mancini is a picturesque wedding venue that boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Sardinia. Surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves, this venue was the perfect place for Alexandra and Alex’s intimate wedding in Sardinia.

The couple chose to have their ceremony outside, under a beautiful white arch decorated with flowers and greenery. The sun was shining bright, and the gentle breeze provided a perfect backdrop for their special day. The guests were seated on white chairs, creating an elegant and serene ambiance for the ceremony.

tenute mancini wedding venue

The Tenute Piero Mancini wedding venue provided a beautiful and romantic setting for the couple’s photoshoot, which was expertly captured by their photographer. The lush vineyards and gardens of the estate offered a variety of stunning backdrops for the couple’s portraits, making their Sardinia country wedding even more magical.

The reception was held in a charming courtyard, surrounded by the rustic buildings of the estate. The couple had chosen a simple yet elegant decor, with white linens and beautiful floral centerpieces. The candlelight created a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for an intimate wedding in Sardinia.

The menu was a blend of traditional Italian and Sardinian dishes, with fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and local cheeses. The guests enjoyed the delicious food, paired with some of the finest wines from the Tenute Piero Mancini vineyards. The couple had also arranged for a live band to perform, adding a touch of romance and elegance to their wedding in Sardinia.

tenute mancini wedding

The Tenute Piero Mancini wedding venue was the perfect choice for Alexandra and Alex’s intimate wedding in Sardinia. The estate’s natural beauty and rustic charm provided a breathtaking backdrop for the couple’s special day. The expertly captured photos by the Tenute Mancini photographer were a testament to the stunning beauty of the location.

The couple’s choice to have an intimate wedding in Sardinia was truly a wise decision. The warm and friendly nature of the people in Sardinia, combined with the incredible scenery, made their wedding an unforgettable experience. The Tenute Piero Mancini provided everything the couple needed to make their Sardinia country wedding a success.

In conclusion, Alexandra and Alex’s wedding in Sardinia was truly a dream come true. The Tenute Piero Mancini wedding venue provided a magical setting for their intimate wedding, and the expertly captured photos by the Tenute Mancini photographer will be cherished for years to come. Sardinia’s natural beauty and warm hospitality made their wedding a unique and unforgettable experience. Anyone planning an intimate wedding in Sardinia should consider the Tenute Piero Mancini, a wedding venue that promises to make your special day truly memorable.

Tenute Piero Mancini

A location completely surrounded by the Sardinia countryside, Vigneti Piero Mancini is a peaceful and very relaxing place for a sardinia country wedding.

I arrived there few hours before the ceremony and I captured detailed photos of the location, the staff while preparing the place for the ceremony and the bridesmaids who were setting the ceremony book.

I was funny to document all that things, there was a very relaxing atmosphere.

I also wrote a guide for young couples, some wedding ideas for people who are thinking to get married in Sardinia in the next future.

costa smeralda sardinia country wedding

You can see my work in some of the best wedding venues in costa smeralda

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rustic wedding in sardinia

An intimate ceremony

After the ceremony Alexandra and her bridesmaid ask me for some photo group and what a better background than the Sardinia landscape?

Vigneti Piero Mancini is a very nice location for the bride and groom portraits, there were a lot of nice spots where I was able to take the right picture, a very old oak tree and the vineyard.

After an intimate ceremony and a light cocktail at Vigneti Piero Mancini they moved with an old light blue Fiat 500 to Li Finestreddi an amazing and exclusive country retreat in Costa Smeralada with an incredible view to the sea from the hill.

Li Finistreddi Country Resort

Li Finistreddi Country Resort is a very nice wedding venue in Sardinia, placed on the hills upon Arzachena is perfect for an intimate wedding reception in Sardinia.

Lovely people, lovely location and all the things that you want to remember of a great wedding in Sardinia.