I've been a wedding photographer for many years now.

Hundreds of events that have taught me a lot and from which I have learned to know the timeline of events and to anticipate what is going to take place.

This experience allowed me to create a small guide to wedding tips at the end of the day.

Here you can see the basic outline of a typical wedding day and links to the various pages.

my tips

I always make a schedule of the day with my couples, it will help us to do everything we’ve planned.

This breakdown is based on the most typical day and even distribution of the coverage and will be created specifically for you.

No two wedding looks the same, and your preference of where time is spent is totally up to you.

Let’s talk about what is most important and how you want to lay out the day:

Some wedding day suggestions to help you!

Sample schedule

  • Groom and his guys getting ready 45 min
  • Bride: hair styling 60 min
    make up 60 min
    details photo 20 min
  • dress on + bridal portrait + first look 30 min
  • ceremony 25 min
  • family photos 20 min
  • couple portrait 25 minutes
  • cocktail hour 60 min
  • dinner table and other details 25 min
  • golden hour couples portrait 10 min
  • dinner and speeches 150 min
  • dancing and party 90 min
  • scroll down for more tips…

    destination wedding guide


    When the wedding is over and all your memories turn into a fun, festive blur, I’ll have you sit down in front of a computer screen, laughing, crying and reliving all the happy moments.

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    getting ready

    destination wedding guide

    Outdoor ceremony

    destination wedding guide


    Let’s be honest, we’re not professionals at our ease in front of a camera.
    Most of us feels very embarrassed and I understand why.

    But I don’t want to waste this beautiful moment, it won’t be repeated.

    In these years I’ve learned how to lead and accompany my couples during the shooting without being too intrusive.

    In my images couples look exactly what they are, passionate, in love. They can easily recognize themselves in my pictures.

    The guys on the left are common people, like everyone else, but they felt very comfortable in front of the camera.

    Part of my job is making them comfortable and I know how to do it.
    My photos show mutual love between them.

    Portraits with warm, glowing light are often absolutely stunning, so leave some time around sunset to that gourgeous golden hour light.

    When in doubt I’ll grab you guys when the light is just right.

    reception venues

    wedding day suggestions


    wedding day suggestions




    I usually start 2 hours / 2 hours 30' before the ceremony untill 1 hour / 1 hour 30' after the first dance or the party has started.

    This package contains at least eleven hours coverage I’ll deliver you a minimum of 400 wedding photographer, all edited.
    I don’t batch editing, every image being edited individually to ensure complete satisfaction and quality. I create a chromatic pattern to be sure taht all the images have same tones (i.e. skin tone).

    How many hours do you usually work on a wedding day?



    Let me tell you don’t be worried about the bride and groom portraits. My idea of portrait is very simple and works very well. That is the only time during the day that you’ll be completely alone. You and your wife/husband. There won’t be your mother, your untie or your friends, just both of you.
    I only need few minutes of intimacy, a nice background and a good light. And you can be sure you’ll see love in those pictures.

    I don’t know how to pose for photographs



    Depending by the wedding, I give couples at least 400 wedding photos. All the images will be edited and I edit every image one by one, I don’t do batch editing. I deliver to my clients images in both colour and black/white version. This means you'll receive at least 800 edited images.

    How many images do you delivery to us?

    Finding the right photographer that you connect with and feel comfortable around is essential.

    Before you book, I'd love to chat with you!

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