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Useful tips to arrive prepared for the wedding day

As I had the opportunity to write in the notes on the biography, I have been working as a wedding photographer for 16 years now.
In all this time I have come into contact with over 350 couples, 700 people and their guests.

Hundreds of events, thousands of people who have taught me so much and from whom I have learned to understand the timeline of a wedding and, more importantly, to anticipate what will happen. This experience gave me the idea to create a small guide for marriage.

From here you can read the basics on what happens at a wedding with the photographer. Enjoy reading the guide to weddings in Sardinia

my suggestions

I always ask my couples to create a small schedule of events, this helps us plan every detail, even the times, which is very important.
What you see below is based on a typical day. Your schedule will be created specifically for you.No two weddings are the same, the choice of how to manage it is completely yours. It’s your day, it’s your choice.

Timeline example

– Groom getting ready 45 min

– Bride, hairstyle 60+ min, makeup 60+ min
– Photos of details 15 min

– Bride get dresses, pictures with the bride and family/bridesmaids 30 min

– Moving to the ceremony

– Ceremony 45+ min

– Family portraits 10 min

– Bride and groom portraits 25 min

– Aperitif 60 min

– Details of the location 25 min

– Bride and groom portraits at the sunset 10 min

– Dinner and cut of the cake 150 min

– Party 90 min

Useful tips to arrive prepared for the wedding day

destination wedding guide



Preparations for the ceremony take around 3 hours, it depends on how many people there will be to prepare, but 3 hours is a fairly accurate estimate.

My work starts about 2h, 2h30′ before the ceremony.

It is very important that the dress, shoes and accessories, and everything you want photographed is already ready, this way I will not take too much time taking pictures of the preparations, having the opportunity to concentrate on friends and family.

My tip for perfect makeup photos? Choose a place possibly in front of a source of natural light, possibly a window.
Avoid fluorescent lights, you’ll thank me.

Once you are ready, photos of the bride and those with witnesses and parents can be taken in the next 10 minutes.



Weddings with outdoor ceremonies are my favorites.
I am free to move and take photos from different angles of the bride and groom and their guests.

Light is the most important thing in photography

The optimal location is one in the shade, to prevent shadows on the face and closed eyes. If shaded accommodation is not possible it is important to have the sun behind you so you will not be disturbed by the light in your eyes and will look your best in photographs.
Even your guests will not be disturbed by the light.

The confetti moment is equally important, the photographs will be beautiful and joyful.

In outdoor ceremonies it is important that the shadows do not make the faces black and unreadable.
Once back in the studio I will work on the images to give them the right color, improve the shadow and light parts, so that they are perfectly readable.

destination wedding guide



Let’s be honest, none of us are professionals comfortable in front of the camera.
Most feel embarrassed and I understand them.

But this is not a moment to waste, it will not be repeated.

In recent years I have learned how to guide and accompany couples during the photo shoot without being too present.
In my photos the spouses can easily be recognized for who they are without forcing. Passionate, in love, cheerful, they are immediately recognizable in my shots.

The boys here on the left are ordinary people, like all of us, this shot captures their love for each other, their being happy.

Part of the wedding photographer’s job is precisely this. The photographer spends most of the day with the spouses, their friends and relatives, making them feel at ease, gaining their trust, ensuring that they do not feel embarrassed in front of a stranger taking their photographs.

On my instagram profile you can see other wedding portraits




Aperitif and dinner are those moments of the day in which guests interact with each other, these are the most beautiful moments during the whole day.

It’s time you can see guests laughing, hugging, chatting and spending time together.
Do you remember my purpose? I do this work to “give you important images, which will become your memories”.

Well, this is one of the key moments of the day. I will be there during aperitifs or dinner, ready to capture the most beautiful moments between you and your guests.

I cannot advise you enough to consider opting for a wedding planner. This is my #1 tip

A wedding planner will guide you throughout the day and will be in charge of every task, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy the day with your friends and family.

wedding day suggestions
wedding day suggestions




Perhaps the part of the day you looked forward to the most.

After a year and more of preparations, dreams and desires, the final moment of the day has finally arrived.

Undoubtedly the success of the party is thanks to the band or the DJ.
They can involve guests in dancing until late at night.
Pay attention to the choice of who will take care of the party, as you have done for every other aspect of your wedding.

Feel free to ask me for suggestions, based on your wishes I will be able to recommend the most suitable professional.

My work ends with dancing. One hour / one hour and thirty minutes after the party started my work ends. In such a long time I am sure I have captured almost all the people dancing and the party.


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