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Positano / Amalfi Coast

elopement in positano

elopement in Positano

Last year was very hard for all of us.
The pandemic has turned our lives upside down, canceled in an instant what we had planned, our plans for the future.
Slowly we are managing to resume our journey, to re-tie the threads of our existence.

Marriages were one of the first things we had to erase from our lives.
We could no longer meet loved ones, people who have been important in our lives, old friends, distant relatives.

Maybe we are managing to see the light at the end of this long tunnel, we still have a long way to go for all this to be over and we can return to normal, but we are doing something.

Lucy and Ray elopement in Positano

It was a warm September afternoon when Lucy and Ray decided to elope in Positano, one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. They had always dreamt of getting married in Positano, and Hotel Marincanto, situated on the Amalfi Coast, was the perfect location for their intimate elopement.

The Hotel Marincanto is a stunning location for an elopement in Positano. The hotel boasts breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast, with its pastel-colored buildings and crystal-clear waters. The couple fell in love with the hotel’s luxurious rooms, which were adorned with beautiful artwork and antique furnishings. The hotel’s terraces provided the perfect setting for their romantic ceremony, overlooking the stunning coastline of Positano.

Lucy and Ray’s elopement in Hotel Marincanto was everything they had hoped for and more. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony on the hotel’s terrace, surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery of the Amalfi Coast. The hotel’s expert wedding planners had taken care of every detail, ensuring that the day was perfect in every way. From the beautiful floral arrangements to the exquisite cuisine, everything was flawless.

Getting married in Positano is a dream come true for many couples, and Lucy and Ray’s elopement in Positano was no exception. The town’s beautiful, colorful buildings and winding streets provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s wedding photos. The couple explored the town hand in hand, enjoying the local cuisine and soaking up the romantic atmosphere.

The Hotel Marincanto’s luxurious rooms were the perfect setting for Lucy and Ray’s elopement in Hotel Marincanto. The couple spent their days lounging on their private terrace, enjoying the stunning views of the Amalfi Coast. The hotel’s friendly staff made them feel right at home, ensuring that their every need was taken care of. From romantic candlelit dinners to relaxing spa treatments, the hotel provided the perfect setting for the couple’s romantic escape.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy, and Lucy and Ray’s elopement in Amalfi Coast was an unforgettable experience. The couple spent their days exploring the stunning coastline, enjoying the warm Mediterranean sunshine, and taking in the beautiful scenery. The town of Amalfi, with its historic cathedral and charming streets, was a particular highlight of their trip.

In conclusion, Lucy and Ray’s elopement in Positano at Hotel Marincanto was a beautiful and romantic experience that they will never forget. The stunning natural scenery of the Amalfi Coast, combined with the luxurious accommodations and exceptional service provided by the hotel, made their elopement in Positano truly unforgettable. The couple’s romantic escape to the Amalfi Coast was the perfect way to start their journey together as husband and wife, and they look forward to returning to this beautiful destination again in the future. If you’re looking for a romantic elopement destination, the Amalfi Coast and Hotel Marincanto should definitely be at the top of your list!

elopement in Positano

Lucy and Ray on the terrace of the Hotel Marincanto in Positano while exchanging promises at sunset is one of the most beautiful images that will remain in my mind of this dark and difficult period.

The sun of Positano, the warmth of the Amalfi Coast, the sunset on the terrace of the Hotel Marincanto, a magnificent view of the city, witness of their great love. Perfect for their elopement in Positano

One of the most beautiful wedding venue in the Amalfi Coast

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Hotel Marincanto is one of the best wedding venues in Positano, but there are many other possible wedding locations there.
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elopement in Positano

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