Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the best way to enquiry?

Either from my CONTACT PAGE or you can send me an email to info[at]

• What are your prices?

Email to info[at] and I’ll send you a detailed quote.

• Do you offer custom packages for elopement and destination weddings?

Yes! I sure do! I have custom packages for both elopements and destination weddings. I would love for you to take me with you on your adventure! Tell me where you are going and I can provide you a quote!

• Do you provide albums?

I believe in the value of a print, photography will become our memories.
Album are where our memories will be stored for who hasn't been born yet.
I can provide my clients craft made fine art wedding albums. Watch my ALBUM PAGE for more details.

• How many hours do you usually work on a wedding day?

I usually start 2 hours / 2 hours 30' before the ceremony untill 1 hour / 1 hour 30' after the first dance or the party has started. As this package contains at least eleven hours coverage I’ll deliver you a minimum of 400 wedding photographer, all edited.
I don’t batch editing, every image being edited individually to ensure complete satisfaction and quality. I create a chromatic pattern to be sure taht all the images have same tones (i.e. skin tone).

• We are very shy and a little worried about being in front of the camera.

I don't think you have to be worried about photography, you love each other. This is the most important thing, I’ll be there to give you the best memories and to capture the emotions of the day. Everything will be perfect. For Bride + Groom images I usually spend about 20-25mins making the most of that ‘golden hour’ light before sunset.

• I don’t know how to pose for photographs

Let me tell you don’t be worried about the bride and groom portraits. My idea of portrait is very simple and works very well. That is the only time during the day that you’ll be completely alone. You and your wife/husband. There won’t be your mother, your untie or your friends, just both of you.
I only need few minutes of intimacy, a nice background and a good light. And you can be sure you’ll see love in those pictures.

• Do you take formal family portraits?

For sure I do! I think formal portraits are one of the most important memories of the wedding.
I usually met the couple few days before their wedding and we both will make a schedule of the day, i.e. when and where we can do family portraits

• How many images do you delivery to us?

Depending by the wedding, I give couples at least 400 wedding photos. All the images will be edited and I edit every image one by one, I don’t do batch editing. I deliver to my clients images in both colour and black/white version. This means you'll receive at least 800 edited images.

Altought you’ll receive a usb stick with all the edited images in high resolution I thought that the most safe way to store digital pictures today is a professional cloud system.
Think about it, you can loose your usb stick even if you have made several copies on your hard drive you won’t be never safe at all.
I always been aware of this problem and I’ve found a solution in a professional cloud service where I store all the weddings from 2014. I pay for unlimited space so for me it’s not a problem to store hundreds of weddings, thousand of images.

But my clients are happy. They always know where and how to download a single image or the whole of them in just one click, every time they want.

• After the wedding, how long does it take to receive our photos?

By the contract you can expect to have photos in 60 days.
In the last 2018 wedding season I delivered the link to the gallery in about 10 days after the wedding day.
Yes, TEN days.

• Can we print our photos at the local photo lab?

Of course you can. I’ll give you high resolution images on a branded USB and on an online gallery protected with password, with a full licence to email, print or share online.
Images are saved in the most compatible colour space sRGB, you won't have to have any kind of problem.

• How do we book?

I work with the formula “First sign – First serve” then to book the wedding date we require a signed contract and a deposit payment.