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I really love Ravello.

I’ve been a lot of time in the Amalfi Coast, I’m a wedding photographer and Ravello is onf the best places in Italy to get married

I immediately understood why Villa Cimbrone it’s in the heart of thousand of people.
Is a fantastic place to get married in a special way, more intimate and exclusive than any other place.

Kirsten and Brandon have traveled for hours from Los Angeles for their wedding in Ravello in Villa Cimbrone one of the most exclusive wedding venues in the Amalfi Coast

She has never been in Italy before.

Kirsten and Brandon’s lovely elopement in Villa Cimbrone, Amalfi Coast, was a day to remember. The couple had always dreamed of getting married in a stunning location, and the Amalfi Coast was the perfect choice. Their elopement was a small and intimate affair, with just the two of them, and the beautiful villa as their witness.

As they exchanged their vows at the little chapel inside the villa, the emotions were running high. It was a touching moment, and the couple couldn’t be happier. After the ceremony, they took some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take some pictures with their Amalfi Coast elopement photographer.

The Villa Cimbrone is a breathtaking location, and the couple was lucky to have chosen it as their wedding venue. The garden of the villa was the perfect backdrop for their photo shoot, and the belvedere of the villa, Terrace of the Infinite, was a highlight. The series of marble busts outlined against the blue sky behind and the blue waters of the Mediterranean below made for a stunning view. It was a dream come true for the couple, and their villa cimbrone wedding photographer captured every moment beautifully.

amalfi coast elopement photographer

The couple had chosen to elope, which meant that they could focus entirely on each other and their special day. There were no distractions, no guests, and no pressure. It was just the two of them, in a beautiful location, sharing their love for each other.

The Villa Cimbrone is a popular location for weddings, and it’s easy to see why. The beautiful gardens and stunning views make it the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. The villa cimbrone photographer captured every moment of Kirsten and Brandon’s special day, from the emotions during the ceremony to the joy of the couple during their photo shoot.

The couple had always wanted a small and intimate wedding, and their elopement in Amalfi Coast was exactly what they had dreamed of. They were able to get married in a stunning location, with just each other as their witness. The villa cimbrone wedding was a beautiful affair, and the couple will cherish the memories of their special day forever.

In conclusion, Kirsten and Brandon’s elopement in Villa Cimbrone, Amalfi Coast, was a beautiful and unforgettable event. The stunning location, the emotional ceremony, and the beautiful photos captured by their villa cimbrone wedding photographer made it a day to remember. The couple was able to focus on each other and their love, without any distractions or pressure. It was the perfect way to start their new life together, and they will cherish the memories of their special day forever.

Villa Cimbrone wedding venue

Villa Cimbrone is one of the most luxury and exclusive wedding venue in Ravello, that’s why Kirsten and Brandon choose this location, to make their wedding day even more memorable.

And if you booked a so nice wedding venue you deserve to have a great wedding photographer to capture the real nuance of Ravello

They exchanged their vows at Villa Cimbrone while I captured the otherworldly beauty of the magical destination around them.

Kirsten and Branond’s wedding at Villa Cimbrone venue is featuring on the internationally renowned wedding blog Junebug Weddings of which I am a proud member.

Special thanks to Villa Cimbrone staff for the great support and I want to thank a special person who gave me the fantastic opportunity to be there.

Location: Villa Cimbrone / Ravello Bride dress: Elisabetta Polignano

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