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One of the best wedding destination in Italy

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umbria wedding photographer

You can see some more works in Umbria about my work as wedding photographer.

Umbria is a great a place to get married, there are a plenty of stunning wedding venues you fall in love with.
Many couples choose this part of Italy for their spercial day and you may easly understand why looking at the images in this article.
Umbria is a region located in central Italy, known for its rich historical, artistic, and religious tradition that is reflected in its numerous medieval towns, churches, museums, and monuments. It is also famous for its cuisine, based on local products such as truffles, extra-virgin olive oil, wine, prosciutto, and cheese. Umbria has a diverse landscape of hills, mountains, lakes, and rivers, making it a popular destination for outdoor activities. Getting married in Umbria can be a romantic and charming choice for foreign couples who want to experience their special day in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Here are some reasons why getting married in Umbria should attract the attention of foreign couples:

Umbria is a region full of history, art, and culture, with medieval towns that preserve their ancient charm and host monuments and churches of great value. Getting married in Umbria means immersing oneself in a magical and unique atmosphere, among testimonies of a glorious past and still-living traditions. The region is home to some of the most picturesque medieval towns in Italy, such as Assisi, Perugia, Spello, and Gubbio, each with its own unique character and beauty. Assisi, for example, is known for being the birthplace of St. Francis, the patron saint of Italy, and it is home to the Basilica of San Francesco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that contains frescoes by Giotto and other famous Italian artists.

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umbria wedding photographer

Umbria is a green region, with a hilly and mountainous landscape that offers breathtaking natural scenery. Getting married in Umbria means enjoying the beauty of nature, among forests, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. The region is home to several natural parks and reserves, such as the Monte Subasio Regional Park and the Sibillini Mountains National Park, where visitors can practice outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, rafting, canyoning, and much more. The Lake Trasimeno area is also a popular destination for water sports, such as sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking.
Umbria is a gastronomic region, with a cuisine based on high-quality local products, such as truffles, extra-virgin olive oil, wine, prosciutto, and cheese. Getting married in Umbria means delighting the palate with genuine and refined flavors that make the wedding banquet an unforgettable moment. Umbria is also home to several food and wine festivals throughout the year, such as the Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia and the Wine Festival in Montefalco, where visitors can taste and buy local products.

Umbria is an easily accessible region from different parts of Italy and Europe, thanks to its central location in the peninsula and the presence of airports, railway stations, and highways. Getting married in Umbria means being able to invite guests without too many logistical problems. Umbria is also close to other regions or art cities that can be visited before or after the wedding, such as Tuscany, Marche, Rome, Florence, and Venice.
Umbria is a region that offers many wedding locations, such as villas, castles, abbeys, and convents. Getting married in Umbria means being able to choose from different solutions for every taste and budget. Umbria is home to some of the most beautiful wedding locations in Italy, such as the Castello di Petrata, a medieval castle surrounded by greenery, and the Abbazia San Pietro in Valle, an ancient abbey with a panoramic view of the Nera River Valley. The region is also home to many professional wedding planners and vendors who can help organize the wedding

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Dear antonio



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Meryeme e Leonardo

Dall’odio all’amore per i fotografi, sono sempre stato abbastanza negativo di confronti dei fotografi ma con Antonio mi sono completamente ricreduto.
Gentile, educato, professionale e molto molto bravo.

Ci tengo a sottolineare un aspetto che per me era cruciale: non è stato per niente invadente e comunque siamo pieni di foto mozzafiato. Lui e la suo collega Fabiana sono stati fenomenali. Rivolgetevi senz’altro a lui

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Grazie ad Antonio e al suo staff abbiamo documentato il nostro grande giorno nel miglior modo possibile. Discreti e mai invadenti, gentilissimi e sempre disponibili.
Straconsigliato! Grazie per averci accompagnato in questo momento importante.

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Ciao Antonio,

Thank you soooo much for your great photo artworks.Although we know that you are more than good, we both were totally impressed about your professional work anyway.

All the other people (including designers and photographers), who have seen the photos yet are of the same opinion.

The fitting atmosphere and your unique moody touch in every single picture just blew our minds.You made our day!

Big hugs from Boris and me from Berlin to Alghero.