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An intimate and lovely jewish wedding in Villa Quintili in Rome.

Sophia and Daniel’s Jewish wedding in Villa Quintili in Rome, Italy was a truly breathtaking event that I was honored to capture as a Jewish wedding photographer. The couple, who hailed from Paris, had always dreamed of a romantic and traditional wedding that would reflect their Jewish heritage. Villa Quintili, with its lush gardens and historic architecture, provided the perfect backdrop for their special day.

The ceremony took place in the garden of the villa, and it was a very traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. The couple stood under a chuppah adorned with flowers, and the Rabbi led them through the ancient Jewish wedding rituals. The ceremony was conducted in both Hebrew and English, which allowed the guests from all over the world, including Singapore and the United States, to fully participate and appreciate the significance of the occasion.

As a Jewish wedding photographer, I was struck by the beauty and elegance of the ceremony. The sun was setting behind the couple, casting a warm glow over the garden and creating a truly magical atmosphere. The traditional Jewish wedding customs, such as the breaking of the glass and the seven blessings, were performed with reverence and meaning.

After the ceremony, the guests moved to the villa’s courtyard for the reception. The tables were decorated with beautiful floral arrangements and elegant place settings. The menu featured traditional Jewish dishes, as well as local Italian cuisine, and the guests enjoyed a delicious feast.

As the night went on, the dance floor heated up with a mix of traditional Jewish wedding songs and modern hits. The couple’s first dance was a beautiful moment that showcased their love and connection. The joy and energy on the dance floor were palpable, and everyone joined in to celebrate the newlyweds.

As a Jewish wedding photographer, I was privileged to be able to capture the beauty and magic of Sophia and Daniel’s Villa Quintili wedding. The stunning venue, the traditional ceremony, and the love and support of their family and friends all came together to create an unforgettable day.

In conclusion, Sophia and Daniel’s Jewish wedding in Villa Quintili in Rome, Italy was a truly stunning event that I was honored to document as a Jewish wedding photographer. The traditional ceremony in the villa’s garden, the delicious food, and the joyous celebration on the dance floor all came together to create a day that the couple and their guests will never forget.

villa quintili wedding

But there’s something in the jewish traditional wedding ceremony that impressed me a lot.
Villa Quintili was the perfect wedding venue for the event, Sophie and Daniel and their guests have been amazed by the location and the spot for the ceremony.

Everything there was perfect for a great jewish wedding in Rome

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