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palazzo lantieri wedding

Have you ever been in a castle full of incredible art pieces from the most renewed contemporary artists in Europe?

Palazzo Lantieri is one of the most beautiful and magical place I’ve ever worked in for a gorizia wedding.

If you’re considering to plan a destination wedding in Friuli you must think about Palazzo Lantieri

A wonderful place to get married in

It has a glorious past and Countess Carolina Lantieri will welcome and show you all the particularity of her palace.
Wen Ai and Bill had there their intimate and exclusive wedding with only 16 guests, just the families.

I always arrive in location days before the wedding, in this case we had the chance to spent some time in Trieste for a portrait and family session the day before the wedding and start planning the Big day.

The wedding day I was very excited. Palazzo Lantieri is an old and full of charme location.
Countess Carolina Lantieri shows me the artwork of the major european contemporary artists there are inside the building.

Palazzo Lantieri Wedding

From Michelangelo Pistoletto and his “Mittleuropa“, a composition made by mirrors that recreates the EU nations, placed on the ceiling in the dinning room, just above the dinning table, or the site-specific installations by Jannis Kounellis, Getulio Alviani, Giulio Paolini and Donatella Spaziani and many more.

Whether your wedding will be a big wedding or it will be a small and intimate wedding it will be great.
Is always a success.
And I was so happy to work with Wen Ai and Bill together their families.
I had a great feeling with them and the pictures can show them.

Destination wedding in Friuli

A special thanks to Countess Carolina Lantieri and the most wonderful flower designer I had the pleasure to met and work with, Laura Vaccari from Fioricio.

palazzo lantieri wedding

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See my three days wedding in Amalfi for example, they had a portrait session in Ravello and Amalfi and a very nice and fun welcome dinner with their guests. Or a three days wedding in Sicily, with a reception in one of 50 most beautiful hotel in the world.

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