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Puglia, southern Italy, the sun and the sea, good food, the heat of summer, peace and relax.
A holiday in Italy is the dream of many people.
Many times I’ve been in other Italian places for weddings

Living the experience of a wedding in Puglia, have close to us loved ones and thus make the moment of yes even more unique and unforgettable.
This is a destination wedding, this is a wonderful destination wedding in Apulia.

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So, chances are you were searching for a wedding photographer in Apulia, and ended up here. I made this page especially for people like you, so welcome.

“My name is Antonio Patta and I’m a wedding photographer
My purpose is to document your wedding and giving you back lifetime memories of the day”

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Let me tell you somthing about my idea of wedding photography.In the front page on my website you’re going to read about glamorous wedding venues in puglia

My purpose is to document real stories, I want to give you back great memories of your wedding.

Another web page for destination weddings in Puglia with more resources for spouses

I think a wedding is an intense moment of love, joy and emotions.
There’s a story out there, the story of you as a couple and a great day with friends and families.

Everything has started with an emotion and everything will continue with emotions.That’s what I’m looking for in my pictures. I want to give you back great images of the day, great memories.Images that will remember you how happy you have been that day. Emotions will make my images greater and lifetime.

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If you take a look at my pictures none of them are showing people looking at the camera. None.
Because I think part of my work is to understand what is going to happen and be there to take the right picture. That will be the picture you like most.

I’ll be around the scene all the time.
I promise not to bother you during the day!

for example I post an article on my blog describing how I’ve taken an image:

 As you can see in the wedding of Marina and Tom (from England) I did last june in Sicily:

 Or the wedding of Alexandra and Alexander (from Germany) celebrated in a vineyard

Or Barbara and Ronny (from Netherlands, they also had a great party)

That’s my idea, I want to give you back great memories of your wedding, that will still remain beautiful and important for you lifetime. The guys at JUNEBUG WEDDINGS write this review about my work and me, and I think they did a good job:

“If you were to ask Antonio, he would not attempt to define his photography style in any special words or terms; he simply believes in his special approach to capturing weddings. This humble familyman enjoys the challenge of transforming a love story into individual images, as well as being an incredible support system to his bride and groom. Antonio offers the perfect balance of documentary and editorial imagery, revealing the important narrative to every wedding while also infusing his creativity and artistry. He has the talent to absorb the couple’s vision and the atmosphere around him, therefore reflecting it into his photographs. Romantic, crisp, high-quality images are his promise and specialty. “

I did lots of wedding in Apulia during  the last years, I really love that places and I can easly imagine why you start thinking about your wedding in Apulia.

A wedding in a masseria (a tipical rural farm house, now converted in exclusive and luxury wedding venues) in Apulia, is something very special,

Feel free to send me an email for a quote using my direct email address or using the form at the bottom of the page.

I also want to thank you you for the interest in my work, in my website you can find lot of weddings I did in Apulia and all over Europe.

I am an apulia wedding photographer.
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The most tipical location for weddings is a Masseria, as said before a Masseria is an old farm house.
The farm (or such Masseri Massari, massàre Massere or the caretaker of the farm) is named after the “household” (furnishings, furniture, peasant and pastoral use tools, food stores for people and for animals) that were stored and protected within large stone buildings built on farms, where they lived peasants, shepherds and owners.

Some properties of more rich and noble families were also fortified and equipped with masonry walls and defensive towers.

masseria wedding puglia

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Nowadays the Masseria has become the most exclusive apulia wedding venue.

There are puglia vineyard wedding venue where you can enjoy your wonderful day at its best. masseria wedding puglia

If your thinking about a apulian destination wedding I warmly suggest you to hire an apulia wedding planner for your wedding.
A wedding planner can help you for your wedding abroad giving you a sense of control about all the details of your wedding. masseria wedding puglia

Choosing the right apulia wedding venue could be much easier for you.
The locations you can see listed below are some of the most beautiful and exclusive masseria and apulia wedding venue there. masseria wedding puglia

I’ve worked as an apulia wedding photographer several times there and every time I have a wedding planned in one of those apulia wedding venue I’m very happy, I know that every thing will be perfect. masseria wedding puglia

As an wedding photographer in Apulia I can suggest you some of the nicest wedding locations. The right location is very important to celebrate your wedding

apulia wedding photographer

puglia vineyard wedding

These are the most importan apulia wedding venues or masseria puglia wedding venue.


The Masseria Torrepietra located near Monopoli and near the Castellana caves offers you location for outdoor ceremony and reception in a very exclusive and luxury place.


The Masseria Muzza also known as the white masseria is a five star resort and spa. It’s called the white masseria because everything there is… white. Everything.

The White Masseria is a fairy tale five stars venue with exclusive SPA in the beating heart of Salento region, where Apulia traditions and customs have born.

White Masseria (Masseria Bianca) is a wonderful elegant venue for your wedding with a main building built back in 1700. It has a restaurant, rooms a wonderful terrace, a solarium, a swimming pool, SPA and gym and a magnificent wide garden that could be the perfect setting for your wedding reception.


Most of the apulia wedding planner you may contact will suggest you to visit Massiera Potenti a wonderful apulia wedding venue. Masseria Potenti is one of the coolest wedding venues. masseria wedding puglia

Within an estate of about one hundred and thirty  hectares and , in the countryside of Manduria, rises the sixteenth century Masseria Potenti, originally belonging to the rich and powerful family of the Imperiali.

It is located in a smooth landscapes which gently declines towards the enchanting Mar Jonio, among endless extensions of olives trees, vineyard and Mediterranean thicket.

With the rigorous respect of the antique architecture, the masseria – a large type of Italian farm – has today become an uncommon agritourism which unites its strong agricultural identity with a refined hospitality.


Your wedding in Masseria Torre Coccaro: cocktails with canapes around the pool surrounded by reeds and olive trees under a pergola with bougainvillea with torches and candles, then the old barnyard surrounded by fortified walls.

coccaro puglia wedding | masseria torre coccaro wedding

In front of the square of the Baroque church under a sky lucette illuminated by the ancient tower at various view angles with our chef for the starters with Tempura, mozzarella and burrata cheese, pizza and ciccio, ham and salami with a knife, carpaccio and marinated fish and meat, seafood salads with seafood, vegetables, and lounge area under a white pergola overlooking the campaign.

Then inside the old mill in the natural rock between candles and torches with linen tablecloths and silverware under the vaulted ceilings and lounge area. A delicate dessert buffet in the area around an ancient olive tree and ancient vegetable garden with the colonnade of 1600.


Masseria Barsentum is a special wedding venues, during the day long one only event is organized: it remains unique so guests could live any scenery all over farmstead.
Our experience in banqueting permits to realize exclusive weddings.


Masseria Montenapoleone looks forward to welcoming you – this fortified masseria dates back to the 1600’s, and has been beautifully renovated with elegant and original rooms and suite – surrounded by nature, and with views of the sea. The wonderful winter garden – in front of the main building, with its ‘Provence’ feel, and its glass walls – is an elegant location suited to weddind ceremony and parties.

 Natural environment

Natural environment includes coasts, sea, territory, regional parks, cities and small villages like Ostuni, Alberobello, Lecce, Polignano a Mare, Monopoli and Castellana Caves and many more.

In Apulia there are a lot of amazing beaches, these are the ten most beautyful beaches in Italy.
But not only, The Gargano National Park (LINK) is one of the most renowed park in Italy, The Gargano promontory is, from a biological point of view, an island, separated from the rest of the peninsula from the plain of Tavoliere.

Limestone, it is rich in karst formations, such as caves and sinkholes. Originally The promontory was entirely covered by forests, now reduced to about 15 per cent of the original area, including note is the Umbra Forest.

The territory of Alta Murgia National Park (LINK)has been shaped over thousands of years by the forces of erosion. The canyon of Gravina in Puglia, which goes down towards Matera and Bradano, marks the south-western border of the protected area. masseria wedding puglia

Near Altamura are instead impressed sinkholes Pulicchio and Pulo, which exceed respectively 100 and 70 meters deep. Although the Park landscape has changed over the centuries by man, Alta Murgia preserves a fauna and flora of great interest.

Ostuni wedding photographer apulia wedding photographer

apulia wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer beautiful cities will welcome you in Apulia, Ostuni also known as The White City is a wonderful place to visit. Its historical center will surprise you.
masseria wedding puglia

apulian destination wedding

But not only, Apulia is well known for many other beautiful cities and villages, for example the unique Alberobello old village with their world famous trulli, a circular building with a conical roof used as farm house.

Polignano a Mare wedding photographer

Polignano a Mare is another very nice place on the sea, it’s a unique beauty, with their buildings just upon the sea. masseria wedding puglia

The amazing historic center located on its rocky promontory is always going to be the main attraction of this ancient city which was probably originally founded and part of ancient Greece as the city of “Neapolis”, in fact many people still see a greek design flavor and the layout of the city.

But Apulia offers you more, as a apulian destination wedding photographer and art lover/food lover/music lover I can tell you about their music festivals (i.e. the Ostuni Music Festival for december to april) movie festivals (18th edition of the EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL and the 8th edition of the BARI FILM FESTIVAL), but if there’s something that gives apulia popularity outside our boundaries is the food.

masseria wedding puglia

Apulia is known best for their precious specialities, if you’re interested there’s a very beautiful wine tasting event organized by MOVIMENTO TURISMO DEL VINO PUGLIA, other food tasting festival in summer, like the 18th edition of MERCATINO DEL GUSTO or the 22nd edition of  CARPINO FORK FESTIVAL where food, music and art join together for five days of fun

More than these are expecting you in Apulia. If you have more questions about you destination wedding in apulia send me an email by the form below, masseria wedding puglia