Taormina elopement photographer

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Taormina elopement photographer

Angelyca and Jack chose the enchanting Taormina to celebrate their love.

Taormina is a pearl set on the coast of Sicily, a fabulous and exclusive place that many couples choose to get married and being their taormina elopement photographer was for me such a great honor.

I want to give them back great images of Sicily and Taormina, something that could tell them more about the feelings they had during they stay in Sicily.

intimate wedding in taormina

Angelyca and Jack’s elopement in Taormina, Sicily was a beautiful celebration of their love in one of the most picturesque locations in the world. Taormina, with its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and ancient architecture, provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate wedding.

The couple chose to have an elopement in Sicily to keep the ceremony personal and meaningful. They wanted to focus on their love and commitment to each other without the distractions of a large wedding. An intimate wedding in Taormina was the perfect solution, as the town is famous for its romantic charm and breathtaking views.

To capture the magic of their elopement in Taormina, Angelyca and Jack hired a Taormina elopement photographer. The photographer was able to showcase the beauty of the town and the couple’s love for each other through their stunning photographs. The photos are a perfect reflection of the couple’s personalities and their special day.

The elopement in Sicily was a day filled with love and joy. Angelyca and Jack exchanged vows in a beautiful outdoor ceremony overlooking the sea. The simplicity of the ceremony allowed the couple to focus on each other and their love. The intimate wedding in Taormina allowed them to share their special day with only their closest family members and friends.

After the ceremony, the couple explored the town with their Taormina elopement photographer, taking stunning photos in front of ancient ruins and on the narrow streets of the town. The photographer was able to capture the essence of their love and the beauty of the town in every shot.

The reception was held at a quaint local restaurant, where the couple and their guests enjoyed a delicious meal and celebrated their love. The intimate setting allowed for meaningful conversations and memories to be shared between the couple and their loved ones.

Angelyca and Jack’s elopement in Taormina, Sicily was a perfect celebration of their love. The beauty of the town, the intimacy of the ceremony, and the love shared between the couple and their guests made for a truly unforgettable day. The couple’s decision to have an elopement in Sicily allowed them to focus on their love and commitment to each other, making their special day one they will always cherish.

In conclusion, an elopement in Taormina, Sicily is a perfect choice for those who want to celebrate their love in a unique and unforgettable way. The town’s romantic charm and stunning views provide the perfect backdrop for an intimate wedding in Sicily. Hiring a Taormina elopement photographer will ensure that the beauty and magic of the day are captured in stunning photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime. Angelyca and Jack’s elopement in Taormina, Sicily is a perfect example of how an intimate wedding in Taormina can be a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

Review about my work

Angelyca left me a lovely review on my website:

Antonio photographed my husband and I for an afternoon during our elopement in Sicily. He took photos of us dressing for and then having a small ceremony (just us), and then drove us around Taormina to get photos in some of the public spaces.

Antonio was really fantastic to work with, and he was an essential part of the day. He is professional, creative, and friendly. In the days leading up to the ceremony he helped us plan a rough itinerary, and he arrived for the day with a number of locations already scouted out.

We are extremely happy with the photographs themselves, and Antonio delivered a digital album of edited photos in less than a week. We would highly recommend Antonio to anybody looking for an elopement photographer in Italy!

A big destination wedding or a small and intimate ceremony?

Whether you’re planning a big destination wedding in Taormina or a small and intimate wedding in Sicily, don’t lose sight of the really important thing: you’re there to celebrate your love with the closest friends and families

That’s why I’m working as a Taormina elopement photographer

Taormina elopement photographer

They are there for you don’t forget. I’ll be with you to document the whole event with my photographs and create your memories for the future.

The important images of your beautiful day will be there to remember you how happy you all were on the wedding day, something to share with your children in 10 or 15 years

Resources for clients

Elepements are one of the type of ceremony I love most, there are just the two of you without any interference.
So you can share your most intimate words to your beloved partner in front a of very special place.

There are several elopements on my website, elopements on the beach of Sardinia for example.

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Getting married abroad is always amazing, on my website you can see a lot of destination weddings:

I also wrote a wedding guide for couples who wants to help you to discover the timing of a wedding, the very important thing to start to planning your perfect day.

elopement photographer in taormina

elopement photographer in taormina

I started my job as wedding photographer in 2008 and I did a lot of intimate and small ceremony in sicily and in many other places.

I always get emotional during a ceremony, I see two people in love looking in their eyes, promising each other love.

Yes, I’m a romantic person.

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