a year in review

"2018 was a wonderful year"

I read this introductory phrase dozens of times and always found it trivial.
I was stuck, so I give up to think about the introductory phrase and I started to review all the images taken during the 2018 wedding season.

italian wedding photographer

Since the very first mail I exchange with my clients I listen to their wishes and I always do my best to give them what they really want for their destination wedding in italy. I start thinking about all the people I met, spouses and their families, their friends. I also read some of the email they sent me since the first time they contacted me and I remember all the time we spent together. I lived once again those moment of fun and joy, the parties and dancing. And I realized that this is exactly what people ask me as an italian wedding photographer. They ask me to to capture the love and the emotions I see during the wedding, this is what they really expect from their wedding. They wish to have an AMAZING wedding, FUN wedding, LOVELY wedding. They put a lot of expectation on that day. I have a great responsibility for their destination wedding in italy. When I reviewed all those images I understood that the first sentence “2018 was a wonderful year” has become less trivial and started to modeling upon the images. There were photos of fathers hugging their children, moms crying for joy, friends have great moments together. I relived their emotions, I listened to brothers and sisters utter sentences that they had never said before. I saw them laughing and crying together. These people have had a great time. When you put together things like fun, emotions, party, dancing, laugh and tears of joy the result is people having a great time. This is the work of an italian wedding photographer. I’ve been so lucky to meet brides and groom from Hawaii to Australia, American people or Dutch People, English people and many many others. I’ve been in a lot of different places in Italy: Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Umbria, Tuscany, Apullia, Rome and Venice and many other exclusive venues for a destination wedding in italy. In many of these places I’ll be back in 2019 in some of the nicest and exclusive locations I was not able to imagine until a few years ago. you can check my instagram page to see these locations. After all this work I can easly say that “2018 was a wonderful year”

italian wedding photographer | destination wedding in italy

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